$ROE Token Prices Surge 25% in Borroe Presale: XRP & Polygon Follow

• The Borroe presale is making waves with 37.43% of $ROE tokens sold, pushing bullish trends to other networks, such as XRP and Polygon (MATIC).
• Borroe is a funding marketplace powered by blockchain technology and AI, allowing users to mint NFTs for immediate cash.
• XRP was up 5.9% in the last 24 hours while Polygon recorded a 2.6% increase, due to Ripple’s court victory against the SEC ruling that XRP is not a security.

The Ongoing Borroe Presale

The Borroe presale continues to make airwaves with 37.43% of the $ROE tokens already sold, causing this bullish trend to ripple out across other networks such as XRP and Polygon (MATIC). More than 35 million $ROE tokens have been purchased at this stage and prices are expected to reach $0.015 at the next stage – currently retailing at $0.0125 representing a 25% increase from the Beta Stage’s price of $0.01.

What Makes Borroe Important?

Borroe is important because it accelerates the Web3 narrative by providing an equitable value-sharing model in content creation spaces using smart contracts and tokenization for smoother capital raising processes. It also revamps the NFT marketplace through its discounting and invoicing processes which allow creators to be better compensated for their efforts in order to further Web3 adoption.

XRP & Polygon Price Changes

In terms of market performance, XRP increased by 5.9% in the past 24 hours according to CoinGecko data while Polygon rose by 2.6%. This can be attributed to Ripple’s court victory against the US Securities & Exchange Commission’s ruling that XRP is not a security – leading more investors into this crypto asset given that daily transactions on its network surpassed one million last week according to BitInfoCharts data . Institutional interest has also been growing steadily since then too .


Given its value-sharing model in content creation spaces alongside its seamless discounting and invoicing processes, it’s no surprise why investors are jumping on board with Borroe’s presale as well as other networks like XRP and Polygon (MATIC). As investor interest continues gaining momentum, it seems clear that Web3 adoption will continue increasing too – paving way for bigger opportunities within crypto assets in general .


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